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Call of Duty Ghosts RAM 6GB minimum requirement fix –
this fix allows you to play with 4GB of  
Ram or less

Download Call of Duty 6gb Ram bypass fix

(Mirror Alternative Download link)


Did you ever think to look at the ram requirement before purchasing Call of Duty Ghosts, no? Me neither! So it came as a shock that after I tried to run Call of Duty Ghosts I was prompted with a message telling me I didn’t meet the minimum (RAM) requirements.

Activision and Infinity Ward have set a ridiculous restriction to play Call of Duty: Ghosts. In the minimum system requirements field, the developers filled out 6 GB of RAM (recommended is actually 8GB).

Download Call of Duty Ghosts 6gb Ram bypass fix

(Mirror Alternative Download link)

With RAM prices currently inflated and twice the price they were,

largely in part due to the plant explosion in September of this year,   this is not good news for anybody.

However, fortunately the 6GB RAM requirement can be ignored without suffering in gameplay, this fix overrides the games inbuilt system to check for 6GB RAM and will play with 4GB flawlessly.

Call of Duty Ghosts ram fix

Download Call of Duty Ghosts 6gb Ram bypass fix

(Mirror Alternative Download link)

I recorded my Call of Duty Ghosts video using Fraps and if anybody knows Fraps, it’s quite memory hungry and tends to drop frame rates dramatically whilst recording so if my 4GB of RAM wasn’t enough, recording with Fraps would surely ruin the game and bring it to a grinding stuttering death, but it doesn’t.

It’s safe to say this fix is a lifesaver for 4GB RAM gamers – perhaps we can make it to next year without needing to upgrade our RAM, and by then the prices should be dropping (here’s hoping).

If anybody is curious about my specs:

CPU: i5 3.3ghz
GPU: Nvidia 460GTX
RAM: OCZ Gold 4GB Ram.

Download Call of Duty 6gb Ram bypass fix

(Mirror Alternative Download link)

This ram fix works on all versions of Call of Duty Ghosts, whether bought or not.

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  1. Stips says:

    wow men i thought i couldnt play. safed my life!! cod rules

  2. BlackCHoc says:

    Ur site took long time to load!!! but download is quick thx works!

  3. elvinfuentes says:

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    thanks for the help u gave me working now

  7. StoCazzo says:

    Ma perché dovete uppare i file su questi siti di merda che richiedono abbonamenti telefonici??!

    • Gaming-Files says:

      Purtroppo è tutto ciò che è sul sistema. Non mi piacciono gli abbonamenti di telefonia mobile sia, se mi dici quale sia io posso disattivarlo. Ci sono (dovrebbero essere) un sacco di altre offerte di abbonamento non-mobile.

  8. chamHu says:

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  9. Quyen says:

    WOW just what I was searching for

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  11. Cartledge says:

    I game often and I subscribed to your Feed too, good download.

  12. barr2 says:

    great!!! been looking for working file for hours!!!

  13. lvinbos says:

    Aw, this was great.

  14. Edl4nd says:

    I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you have mw3

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    God accidentally left his sniper rifle on Earth, and man discovered this great game and holy cow now it works!!!

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    For hardcore avid gamers, Battlefield 3 is a must get, but I wanted to try COD first.

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    Thanks downloading

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    Definitely conѕider this. it made my game work

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    hello there and thank you download – I have definitely picked up anything new

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  38. hocken says:

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  39. barbee says:

    if a survey is the only way to get this game to work then I’ll download it! why did activision do this!!

  40. riddle says:

    almost thought it didn’t work then i ran it as admin so theres a tip for peeps!

  41. ven says:

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    Download is spectacular! You obviously know how to help gamers who don’t know what to do!

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  48. gerald says:

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  49. Duke says:

    its refusing to download beacause the offers are not available in my reagion……. but i try the mirror download and it works perfect!!!

  50. nocku says:


  51. york says:

    a friend in my Facebook group shared this im glad it works ive still got 4gbs ram

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